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Revolt Music Conference 2016 on Miami Beach

This weekend Miami played a host to the RMC ones again for the third year in a row. For those who don’t know – RMC stands for the Revolt Music Conference. Anyone who is anyone in the hip hop, rap, and R&B music industry is attending this colossal event. This year the event is taking place at the beautiful Eden Roc Hotel on Miami Beach. The Revolt Music Conference kicked off on Thursday, October 13th and scheduled to continue through the end of the week. Famous celebrities, entertainers, music industry leaders, and hundreds of upcoming artist with big dreams are gathering together to share their experience, learn from the best, and find out what is popping in the biz.

That is exactly what Revolt Music Conference is all about – it is a convergence for all who thrive in the music industry and media content space. RMC is an innovative music industry networking set of events that provide the necessary environment where business takes place – during panels and music showcases, and in and around the RMC Conference program.

Music industry leaders, songwriters, producers, bloggers and music artists collide to create a collaborative platform at this conference that is designed to help guests to understand and find the way in the evolving music business. On Saturday, Ocean Garden Room of the Eden Roc Hotel Miami Beach hosted Revolt Pool Party which of course SFL Style had to attend... RMC 2016 Miami Pool Party

Patricia Costa - a Fashion Boutique owner on Miami Beach, shares her story

Miami has it all, right? A weekend can look somewhat like this: wake up late, put your hair in a messy bun, head over to the beach. Sip up a Mimosa, get some tan, head over for a fun brunch somewhere in Miami Beach. Stop by a gallery or two, catch a movie on Lincoln Road with some friends, and dance the night away. Repeat. Picture perfect! If only it didn't have to start with the ‘what to wear’ puzzle. So, how to be the ‘it’ girl in the Magic City that attracts some of the most stunning, fashion-savvy women on the planet? Continue reading

DJ Dan Slater in Miami

The first time I learned about DJ Dan Slater was during SFL Style’s coverage of the Miami’s Winter Party Fest 2016, which was absolutely incredible mainly due to the party atmosphere created by the DJ. Dan was out of this world amazing doing his thing, keeping the party going and people dancing their you-know-what off. Even I, a person who rarely “busts a move”, could not resist the temptation to dance forced by the musical avalanche that was unleashed by this talented, not to mention super sexy DJ Dan Slater... Read full interview

Sexy Russian girl in Miami

From Russia to Miami with Love

Meet Elena - a beautiful girl Russia whose dream is one day to call Miami her home. Elena is not just another pretty face, she is an ex-professional synchronized swimmer, and European champion. Even though she is no longer does swimming professionally, Elena finds new passion in fitness, being healthy and travel. She loves to visit Miami Beach at least few times a year. Elena was awesome to do a small photo shoot for SFL Style. Learn more about this beautiful girl and see her absolutely sexy pictures... Check out sexy photos

Camille Kaye - Miami singer and song writer

Interview with Camille Kaye - Miami Rising Star

Camille Kaye is a local singer and song writer based here in Miami. She has an amazing voice which could be compared to the voices of such legendary signers as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. In addition to having an incredible ability to sing Camille also possesses a personality to match it - that makes her a true artist and performer. This super talented girl, who writes her own songs, sings beautifully live, which is rare these days, dances, is defiantly a rising star... Read full interview

Sexy Claudia Romani picture in Miami

Interview with International Model Claudia Romani, in Miami

Miami is an interesting city that captivates everyone who ever comes here. It’s like it has some magical power to lure its visitors to keep coming back until they fully give in to it. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are coming from – no one can resist this city’s inescapable vibe. The same happened to Claudia Romani, an international model and TV personality who came to Miami six years ago on vacation and fell in love with this city. These days Claudia, who was born and raised in Italy, is a full-time resident of Miami Beach. But Claudia is truly international so, even now, being oceans away from her fans and followers, it is not unusual to see paparazzi following Claudia all over the beach to take pictures of her in a bikini for their European media channels. Read full interview

Baccano owners - the best Italian restaurant in Miami

Interview with Baccano – the best Italian restaurant in Miami.

Where do Italians in Miami go when they want some real, authentic, Italian pizza? Baccano Wine Bar and Pizzeria of course! Located right in the heart of Wynwood Design District in Miami, Baccano is known to be the place for the best pizza in town. SFL Style interviewed the owners of the restaurant. Two super awesome Italian guys who were kind enough to share their story with our readers. Read full interview

From Detroit to Miami Twerk-out

In July the girls from Boby Shop Xperts were visiting Miami to teach a few twerk and yoga classes to the local ladies here in Miami. SFL Style met with the owners of Body Shop Xperts to find out directly from the source why twerking is so popular beside the obvious reasons. Even though the girls of BSX are from Detroit, they are no strangers to Miami since they are constantly being booked by local fitness establishments to teach twerk dancing to Miami women. ...
Watch video interview with twerk instructors.

Joey Rolon Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, Funky Sexy Studios

Joey Rolon - Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist

Have you ever wondered, while watching your favorite celebrity perform, how in the world did they come up with such funky, sexy, and full of imagination outfits? Well, wonder no more, because you are about to meet the one who is responsible for making a star shine on any stage or on the red carpet. Please meet Joey Rolon of “Funky Sexy Couture” – the celebrity wardrobe stylist who has worked with such A-listers as Britney Spears, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, and many others. Read full interview

Miami Beach the sex capital of the USA

Miami - The City of Sex

Not only the weather in Miami is hot, apparently its people are too. Miami is known to be the sex capital of the US. It’s the city that has no boundaries and the sex is all around you. No wonder Miami has more sex than any other city in the country. Go to Miami anytime of the year, and you will see sexy beautiful people everywhere. You’ll meet girls half naked and ready to party almost any time of the day in Miami Beach. Read full article

Miami’s Beautiful Girls

Sexy girls from Miami area. Vote for your favorite sexiest girls who live locally here in Miami. Take a look at their photos and videos and let us know what you think.

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What do think of people in Miami?

According to an independent study that was performed over the past few years, only somewhere around 15% of total visitors to Miami area think that we have “Friendly People”. We think that this number is a bit low, and would like to get your opinion on this.



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